Writing through the pressure cooker

Why is it that in life everything seems to hit at once? Is it some kind of karmic law or is a sadistic deity fucking with us for shits and giggles? Who knows, but it does seem to be the way things roll, especially in my life.

On my list of crapolla I’m dealing with is, first and foremost, living in an earthquake demolition zone. Over a year and a half on and well over 10,000 aftershocks later and the city is still in process of being torn down brick by brick. One day I’m sure, someone will start rebuilding.

Number two on my list; Trying to write in the nearly constant presence of my five year old son. While he is fantastic company, finding the time to actually concentrate is pretty much impossible. Hence my tiny daily word count.

Three; My school year is almost done and in six weeks time I need to hand in a 40,000 world portfolio of my best, most polished work and a 10,000 word reading journal. Ouch. The worst thing about this is I now have to drop my current fav project (book two in the Dominion series) to work on a more socially acceptable YA fantasy. I don’t think my tutors would love all the heavy breathing in my other work.

And to top it all off, in a city where rentals have become scarce and expensive (blame the quake and subsequent demolition of half the city for that,) I have to move.

Thank god for Evernight! The release date of Lunacy and the Vampire is the one bright spot on my event horizon. Roll on the 7th of sept I say. 

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