Man or manchild?

What appeals to you in a hero’s physique? It’s seems pretty common for romance heroes to be built like tanks, with enough muscle to wrestle alligators. Not mine. Mine tend towards the long and lean. Don’t get me wrong, they have muscle and they have strength, but they don’t tend to bulge anywhere, but where it counts.

So I was wondering what other people like in their heroes. Should I re evaluate my heroes? Do you want them big or is there space for the kind of manchild that fill the pages of my books? Or do you, like me, imagine them how you want no matter how they’re described?

So which of these three basic body types does it for you?

ImageLong and lean

ImageAthlete supreme

ImageTo serve and destroy

Let me know. Curiosity is killing this cat.


2 thoughts on “Man or manchild?

  1. Joan Spinks says:

    Number 1

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