The Waiting Game.

So Lunacy is out now, the big build up over, the release party come and gone. Now what?

I’m writing book 2 in the series, winding up my years study, parenting, playing with my pony. All is usual, except…

I have no idea whether my novel is selling! Oh my god, I hate it. For a self employed artist who has managed and tracked every single sale for the last 13 years it’s a form of torture.

I have to wait until the December royalties before I’ll have any idea of how much it’s selling. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe if the sales are ultra slow and I know about it, I’d be too hurt to cope. I’ll tell myself that, just so I can handle this frustration.

On a positive note I’ve had two glowing reviews on Evernight. I’m pretty sure they’re both from people I know though. Love my friends.

OK Kids, Here she is.

It’s happened. Lunacy has been released.

Sometime during the night I slipped over the mythical boundary from writer to author. Oh I know there’s no difference except in my head, but I do seem to like compartmentalising and labelling myself. Maybe all the imaginary boxes I put myself in give me a bit of understanding of who I am. I do tend to be a fairly complex and complicated type of gal. 

But I digress this post isn’t about my shelves of carefully labelled Evie parts, but about my book, my beautiful book! Leading up to release day I was fairly nonchalant, happy and excited, but not really expecting much. I mean it’s an e-book release. There will be no book tours or signings, no flag waiving and release parties. 

Then I saw it on Evernight’s site, up for sale!  Everything changed. I couldn’t sleep, I laughed, I cried, I sent links to all my treasured friends and posted it all over facebook. This morning my eyes are hanging down to my chin, but I can’t wipe away the warm glow of a dream come true. I’ve done it and I’m proud that I stuck at it through three long years of passion and hair pulling frustration, through patches of feeling useless and patches of avid excitement. Never knowing whether I was even any good at it. Turns out I might actually be.