Five Stars!

Well it’s been a slow start for Lunacy and the Vampire, probably largely to do with my inexperience with social networking. But she is ramping up now. More importantly, those who are reading it seem to really love it.

So far we have on Evernights website two 5 star reviews and one 4 star review.

On Amazon one 4 star review

On Goodreads one 5 star rating, one 4 star rating and one four star review.

Plus two independent reviews, one a 4 star and the latest is a 5 star.

Feels pretty bloody amazing. I may never sell many, but to know that those who reading it are loving it is VERY rewarding.

Hitting the deep spot.

Several years ago, well before I started writing again, I had my crowning moment as a working artist. 

I had taken one of my sculptures to a family gathering to show my gran. It was sitting n her spare room, safe from the danger of small hands.

I took her in to see it and found my aunty standing in front of the sculpture with tears streaming down her cheeks. That was my moment, seeing my work hitting that deep spot in someone, effecting them. It meant far more to me than any sale, or rave reviews could. 

Over the years I have read a few books that have hit my spot, stayed with me and effected me. I’ve fallen in love with their characters, been drawn into their struggles.

This morning I got a fantastic email, one telling me I’ve hit someone’s spot. 

“Your book blew me away.  I read it right away and then had to put it aside.  I needed time to think about it before I wrote a review. Then I picked it up and read it again.  Even now, I am not sure if the review can do justice to how I feel about the book.” 

It doesn’t get any better than that for this author. 

Happy Chappy

I wondered over to my Goodreads page today because one of my threads had received a comment. While there I just happened to notice that Lunacy had received another four star rating and it’s first review on GR. Feeling rather chuffed I clicked the link to the reviewers site to read what she had to say. An hour later and I’m still grinning.

Follow this link and you’ll see why.