Rough landings

It’s been a while since I managed to get here and give you an update. My computers graphics card has been behaving badly which means the internet has been a almost forgotten friend.

Well, we’ve made the move, left the shakey, quakey city behind and began to settle into our new world. It’s stunning here. The rain forest grows thick around me, mosses and lichens grow in weeping layers of lace over everything. Ferns uncurl in every nook and cranny. It’s seriously inspiring.

My landing here hasn’t been easy though, not that I expected it to be. It’s such a huge change and I’ve never done change gracefully. The anniversary of the quakes really rocked my boat too.

I’m still waiting for the writing bug to come back. It usually takes a while after I’ve been unsettled. I have been reading up a storm though. I’ve reread Kresley Cole’s Immortals series from woah to go and really enjoyed every word all over again. Hopefully that’s a sign that I’m soaking up words to be regurgitated onto the page.

Creatively, my studio is back up and running for the first time in over a year. Beautiful art garments are beginning to flow out and I’m loving it. Bliss. Now I just need to get some words out and I’ll feel like I’m back on track. 

Hopefully my computer will be easily fixable and I’ll be able to keep in better touch.