Two (or more) tracked mind.

Image First thing’s first, the above sexy image has nothing to do with this post. It’s there because I like it and I thought you might too. I also thought it might make you pause for a moment and consider reading what I have to say.

So here is today’s humble post on the nature of my muse. Hope you enjoy.

 Staying on track with a story. How to do it when so many other ideas intrude, so many other imaginary friends clamour to tell their stories and so many snippets of life and myth spark my muse.

I am two thirds of the way through the sequel to Lunacy and have been loving it, when suddenly an idea that has been percolating in the back of my brain for the last few months has hijacked me.

So how then, do I keep on track? How do I stem the bombardment of thoughts and ideas that are taking up so much of my creative life without strangling the story that is asking to be told? 

Artists, authors, creative types? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Two (or more) tracked mind.

  1. Ella Grey says:

    Take plenty of notes and tell the new story to wait.

  2. Bethany-Kris says:

    I carry around a notebook constantly. It drives my spouse nuts and my boss even battier. I can’t help it, but if something sparks my interest, or there’s a snippet of dialogue or a specific scene I want to keep for future reference that doesn’t fit in with the current WIP that I’m working on, I put it in that notebook of mine. Nothing pisses a boss of more than someone saying, “Hey, just give me one second to write this hook down, would you?”

    Anyway, that’s kind of how I stay on track. Makes me feel like I’m still doing something worthy with the ideas popping into my brain here and there.

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