Vampires Don’t Sparkle.


In my world, the world of the Dominion, vampires aren’t good. They’re gritty and gory and a little bit cruel.




He heard the whisper of the door swinging open and froze. Human. He could smell it. Human blood and human fear. He heard the heartbeat, fast and panicked, before she came into his line of sight. It was the beautiful, scarred woman, Ravana’s mortal pet. She crept to the cage bars, and hesitated with her hand on the lock. Her blood smelt like temptation itself and Aveon hauled against his chains, fangs bared and growing sharp in his mouth.

“What do you want?” he snarled. She took a step back, then seemed to steel herself.

“I’ve come to help you,” she replied. Aveon barked out a brutal laugh.

“The only help you can give me is running through your veins, little mortal.” He saw her flinch. He was being cruel, but he didn’t care. She may have been a slave or a pet, but she was still Ravana’s creature. She was part of his sickness. If he had to kill her to get out of here, he would. Hell, he would kill her even if he didn’t have to. Just for the blood, and for the satisfaction of taking something away from the vampire king.

Except from Lunacy and the Vampire.

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