Weekend Warriors 4



That time again. I’m really enjoying these, searching through my work for the snippet I want to use, reading the comments. Fun.

Excerpt from Lunacy and the Vampire.


My  main characters, Luna and Aveon, didn’t really hit it off to start with.

“Arms up, leech, against the wall,” she said.

He did as she directed, raising them above his head and laying his hands against the bricks. She steeled herself, pulled a wall of detachment around her heart and, quick as lightning, stabbed out. He howled when the knife sliced through his wrist and into the mortar, pinning him to the wall. The sound ripped at her insides. She pulled a second blade from a leg sheath.

“Please don’t.” She drove it through the other wrist anyway. Crimson bloomed around the blade and ran in rivers down his arms.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors 4

  1. Well, you know, sometimes the best kind of love don’t always start off easy…LOL
    Very nice jpb!

  2. Wow, that hurts, she has really no pity.

  3. chellecordero says:

    Ouch! Very vivid description. I like the term “wall of detachment around her heart”.

  4. ruthless. great 8 revealing her resilience

  5. Anne Lange says:

    Wow! I’m thinking she doesn’t like him very much. Vivid. She scares me a little.

  6. I think that’s a pretty good wall – but it’s not going to last through the whole story! Thanks for sharing 😉

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