Weekend Warriors 5



From my current WIP

Don’t swallow. He forced himself to let go and spit the mouthful into the bowl he’d used to carry the first aid supplies. His whole body shook with the strain of controlling himself. Over and over he repeated the process. Latch, suck, spit. And then the taste changed, it got deeper, complex. A flavor that was both sweet and savory. Earth and magic and thunderstorms. Her taste, unmuted by revenant poison.

He tried not to, but… A mouthful of her blood slid down his throat and pooled in his belly. 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors 5

  1. OK just WOW. A fascinating excerpt, really makes me want to know more and I loved the flavors “Earth, magic and thunderstorms” – excellent snippet.

  2. Sarah Cass says:

    So much revealed in this small piece. His attempt at control, the draw of her taste…and the draining of the poison…and his one little slip. I am just loving this. 🙂

  3. There’s a lot of raw frightening passion in this eight. Thank you.

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