Weekend Warriors 6


It’s that time again. I love the eight sentence snippet game. This one is from my publised novel, Lunacy and the Vampire.


 She saw a flash of metal, and cold blood sprayed across her face. Cade staggered back, clutching his arm. Red seeped between his fingers. He threw back his head and roared.

“Aveon, you bastard!”

From the shadows Aveon laughed quietly. His eyes sparkled like blue stars. He raised his dripping sword and pointed it at Luna.

“Catch me if you can,” he said, before sprinting into the darkness.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors 6

  1. Millie Burns says:

    This got me curious about what will happen next. Nice eight.

  2. Now there’s a challenge not for the faint of heart! Excellent excerpt, put us right in the middle of the action for sure.

  3. S.J. Maylee says:

    Action, movement, emotion. Well done. Fab snippet. 🙂

  4. Cold blood? What is Cade?

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