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Shameless Promotion

ImageI’m doing a little promoting of Lunacy. With Scar Tissue projected to release in August, I thought you might be interested in reading Dominion book 1 first.

Coming soon (unedited blurb)

Caden James is a rare subspecies of vampire. That’s bad enough, but it’s only going to get worse. The 2nd maturation is almost upon him, when he will fall into the Dark Dominion. Unless he can find the female fated to save his soul.

Sounds simple, find her and stop his descent into horror.


Except with Parry O’Morrigan, nothing is simple.


Parry’s past has scarred her physically and psychologically, leaving her with a bone deep fear of vampires. Until she crosses the path of a fanged warrior who sets her blood on fire.


Thrown together, the pair track the creator of a new breed of zombie.

As the hunt heats up, so does the passion between them.

Can Parry overcome her past, or will she let the Dark take him?

Even if she can, Cade’s fate may yet destroy the only female he’s ever cared about.



Weekend Warriors#9


This is from my recently completed novel, Scar Tissue. I’m currently waiting with baited breath to hear whether the publishers want it or not.

The foundations of Parry’s world had slipped sideways and she hung in the air, wondering if she would keep floating or plummet into the abyss that passed for her soul. It would have been a wiser decision to jump, to leap into the alliance the way the rest of her kith and kin had. Parry had never been wise. Or rational. Sometimes she felt like a live wire sparking in a puddle of gasoline, about to explode and take the world with her. And then there was her history.

And something else that scared her more than she was willing to admit. No, not something. Someone.