Getting off my butt and a new series in the wings.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I got on this thing. Not very good, but life has been pretty intense of late. I’ll try to be more regular with this.

Anyway, my world has been revolving around my animals, trying to get my horses through a very tough winter and get them ready for the coming show season.

2014-12-22 18.45.44

I lost one of my cats to a twisted bowel, not an easy thing.

11210420_10206220180535018_3232754293622308409_n (1)Poor wee Roux. His sister Rjomi misses him terribly.

On the writing front things are better. I’m playing the waiting game with a publisher on a new series. I was finding myself quite blocked on the third Dominion book and decided to try writing a novella in a totally different world. It was great fun. Something about the snappy pace and economy of words kept it pumping along. With any luck, you’ll be seeing the first Sentinels novella in the next few months.

As usual it’s an urban fantasy, though not as paranormal as the Dominion series. My characters are human in this one and the world is not so far from ours. I’ve been playing around with urban legends, rather than full on mythology. Think ‘gator in the sewers’ or ‘Bloody Mary’ and you’re in my ball park.

Here’s a teaser image to get your imagnation flowing. 2919798035_1d86b200b6_zSpooky ay.

If you want to check out the pictures I’ve been collecting for this series, here’s the pinterest board;

I’m also playing around with a 1st person POV story. It’s a bit tough. I usually switch between my two main characters to tell a story from two POV’s and staying in one head is a challenge to say the least. I’m enjoying it though and breaking a few of the rules with this one. My hero isn’t beautiful, or good and my heroine has more than a touch of darkness in her. I’m enjoying the moral ambiguity and having shades of grey in the way my characters see the world. Things are not so black and white for these two and negotiating the subtle lines between darkness and true evil is their challenge. Lots of fun.

I’ll keep you updated on their progress with snipits from their lives.

Wish me luck with the Sentinels novella that’s in for consideration.

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