Life just keeps getting better.

Well I have exciting news. I’ve had a third book accepted for publication. Totally Entwined Group will be publishing my urban fantasy Black Aggie sometime in the near future. Watch this space for updates.

Weekend Warriors


A little more from my current WIP, Sundown and Sorrow.

But really? What did just happen? Not something she was willing to look at, that’s for sure. She followed them down the narrow stairs, trying very hard not to notice the way his dark hair curled around his nape. Was she attracted to Gabe’s baby bother? No way. Except she was having a hard time keeping her eyes off his broad shoulders and narrow hips. Jesus his ass looked good in those jeans. Okay so maybe she was a bit attracted to him, hell there was a lot to like. It’s not like she could do anything about it even if he hadn’t been Gabe’s kid brother

Weekend Warriors.


This is the opening lines from one of my WIP’s, book 3 in the Dominion series. Books one and two have been published by Evernight Publishing. Buy links are in the side bar. 🙂

Matthias clamped his lips down in the ragged end of his hand rolled cigarette and sucked back a lungful of aromatic smoke. The nicotine did shit all to relax his tight muscles. He shifted uncomfortably and cricked his neck from side to side, trying to stretch the tension out of his body.

Cold metal of the fire escape cut a frigid pattern under his butt and the backs of his thighs, even through the heavy canvas of his uniform black fatigues. He leaned forward and laid his forehead on the wet railing and sighed. The city spread below him, glistening under street lamps and a steady drizzle of rain.

Jesus, when was he going to get over this shit? Any other male would have been thrilled to be in his boots tonight.