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I’m putting up the  whole first draft of chapter one of my current WIP, Slit Mouth, piece by piece. Links to the earlier paragraphs are at the bottom of the post.

His camera was set up. If only he could see Sarah’s face when she opened the email, but he’d just have to be content with imagining his revenge. He’d pay the geisha if he had too, he opened the door to his room and stepped aside, letting Miss Asia in. As she brushed past him her shoulder grazed his chest. Her skin was bitter cold, chilling him through his jacket sleeve. A shiver crawled down his spine. He couldn’t explain the fist that closed his throat. He hadn’t been with any woman but Sarah for fifteen years. He expected to be nervous, but scared?

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To my regular readers, sorry I was absent last week. I’m prepping for a horse show so I’m stupidly busy. I’ll try not to miss a week again until this chapter is complete.

To new visitors, I’m putting up the  whole first draft of chapter one of my current WIP, Slit Mouth, piece by piece. Links to the earlier paragraphs are at the bottom of the post.

His geisha stroked his arm with her arctic fingers.

“You think I’m pretty,” she said.

He glanced down at her and frowned. Onna, if that was her name, seemed to have a bit of an obsession. Or maybe they were the only English words she knew? God, what if she was a whore and expected him to pay for this? She better not ask for money before he’d fucked her. After, he could just throw her out. Before and he might have to pay, just so he could get in her tight little body.

Part 1

Part 2

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Weekend Warriors



A little more from my current WIP, Sundown and Sorrow.

But really? What did just happen? Not something she was willing to look at, that’s for sure. She followed them down the narrow stairs, trying very hard not to notice the way his dark hair curled around his nape. Was she attracted to Gabe’s baby bother? No way. Except she was having a hard time keeping her eyes off his broad shoulders and narrow hips. Jesus his ass looked good in those jeans. Okay so maybe she was a bit attracted to him, hell there was a lot to like. It’s not like she could do anything about it even if he hadn’t been Gabe’s kid brother

Visual Inspiration.

I was filling out a questionnaire for a woman who is hosting me on her blog this morning. One of the things she wanted to know was where do my characters come from. This got me thinking. They become so strong in my mind, so vivid, so where do they come from? What springs them to life?

After brewing that for a while I realized that it’s usually a single image that gives birth to them. This makes sense. In my life before writing I was a visual artist, so it’s not surprising that my characters are conceived visually.

While a single image may spark the character, it’s not often about what they look like, so much as an energy, a sense of who the character is that is portrayed within the photograph. I thought you might be interested in the images and what it is about them that have given birth to my characters.

So here they are.

downloadThis was the seed image for the Heroine of Lunacy and the Vampire. It was a combination of her regal air and the cool distance in her posture that is at the root of Luna’s personality. Her dark boho style didn’t hurt either and gave birth to the general look of the Beanne Sidhe species.

Savage_Desire_by_vishstudioAnd here is the hero of that book. It was totally the teasing, arrogant look on this boys face that gave me Aveon. Well that and those cheekbones.

Weekend Warriors.



Another snippit from the work I currently have submitted, Black Aggie.

Raph strode up the shallow steps and rapped on the glass paned door. A silhouette appeared an instant before the door swung open. Raph took a step back. Holy shit.

Trouble, big fucking trouble. From the top of her sun-bleached auburn curls to the tip of her bare toes. The woman who answered the door was trouble with a capital T.

“Can I help you?” she asked in a raspy, bedroom voice.

Oh shit, oh shit. Her eyes were the yellow green of sunshine through through a glass of 110 proof chartreuse and they stole the breath from his lungs.



Ten sentences to tease your appetite.

From my current WIP, Sundown and Sorrow.

Her finger threaded over the page and landed on a small satellite city that hung off Washington like the toe of a worn out boot.

“That’s him,” she said. “Monte Claire is right on the boundary of Prince William Forest Park.”

Bingo,” Cass said, giving her an excited, toothy grin. It traveled to his eyes and lit up his face. He really was a looker. Strong Wilder cheekbones and jaw, vivid, intense eyes and a bloody nice mouth. The whole family had been blessed with the tall dark and handsome gene, even the only girl, Ariel, but Cass had got the best of their impressive genetic code.

Or maybe it was just the gentleness about him that the rest of his family lacked. Whether it was genes or nature, it worked.

Getting off my butt and a new series in the wings.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I got on this thing. Not very good, but life has been pretty intense of late. I’ll try to be more regular with this.

Anyway, my world has been revolving around my animals, trying to get my horses through a very tough winter and get them ready for the coming show season.

2014-12-22 18.45.44

I lost one of my cats to a twisted bowel, not an easy thing.

11210420_10206220180535018_3232754293622308409_n (1)Poor wee Roux. His sister Rjomi misses him terribly.

On the writing front things are better. I’m playing the waiting game with a publisher on a new series. I was finding myself quite blocked on the third Dominion book and decided to try writing a novella in a totally different world. It was great fun. Something about the snappy pace and economy of words kept it pumping along. With any luck, you’ll be seeing the first Sentinels novella in the next few months.

As usual it’s an urban fantasy, though not as paranormal as the Dominion series. My characters are human in this one and the world is not so far from ours. I’ve been playing around with urban legends, rather than full on mythology. Think ‘gator in the sewers’ or ‘Bloody Mary’ and you’re in my ball park.

Here’s a teaser image to get your imagnation flowing. 2919798035_1d86b200b6_zSpooky ay.

If you want to check out the pictures I’ve been collecting for this series, here’s the pinterest board; https://www.pinterest.com/eviejayne/sentinels-novella-series/

I’m also playing around with a 1st person POV story. It’s a bit tough. I usually switch between my two main characters to tell a story from two POV’s and staying in one head is a challenge to say the least. I’m enjoying it though and breaking a few of the rules with this one. My hero isn’t beautiful, or good and my heroine has more than a touch of darkness in her. I’m enjoying the moral ambiguity and having shades of grey in the way my characters see the world. Things are not so black and white for these two and negotiating the subtle lines between darkness and true evil is their challenge. Lots of fun.

I’ll keep you updated on their progress with snipits from their lives.

Wish me luck with the Sentinels novella that’s in for consideration.