Weekend Warriors

Welcome to my first installment of Weekend Warriors eight sentence teaser.


This is from my current WIP, the 2nd book of the Dominion.

I don’t want this,” she said, appalled at how fragile her voice sounded. What the hell had just happened?

That predatory smile played across his face. “Baby, I may have been the lips, but you were tongue.”

Parry shrieked and flew at him, swinging a punch. He ducked and grasped her wrist, his fingers digging through her leather cuffs into her skin. He spun her and slammed her back against the building. Once again she was pinned in place by his huge frame. 

Introducing me

Well, here’s my first foray into blog land. Strange that it’s taken me so long really, considering how much I like to distract myself from my work with the internet.

This post will be a short hello and why I’m here.

So, first off, hi! I’m an author, just in case my banner didn’t make that clear. On the 7th of September Evernight publishing will release my first novel, Lunacy and the Vampire.

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